Single Room Warm Water Underfloor Heating System - 16.0m

Single Room Warm Water Underfloor Heating System - 16.0m²

Single Zone Water Underfloor Heating System: Warm Water Underfloor Heating System - 12.0 - 24.0m²

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Specifically designed for ease of installation.

The foundation of our system is the pipe. We use a 16mm diameter 5 layer Pert-Al-Pert pipe to carry the warm water in a continuous circuit under the floor. Pert-Al-Pert is recognised worldwide as the premier performer in this field and 5 layer Pert-Al-Pert pipe is the highest grade in its class. This pipe replaces older type PEXa and PEXb pipes which it outperforms in all aspects. Due to its high strength and superior output, Pert-Al-Pert is the primary choice for most architects and designers specifying an underfloor heating installation, and is widely expected by industry experts to be the number one pipe choice for underfloor heating installations for the forseeable future.

Complete kit includes everything required to install your underfloor heating system, with a comprehensive, easy to follow installation manual.

Kit Includes:

- High Output Circulation Pump
- 16mm Pert-Al-Pert 5 Layer Underfloor Heating Pipe
- Thermostatic Temperature Sensor
- Thermostatic Mixing Valve
- Pipe Connectors (connecting pipe to pump)
- Pipe Clips (High Grip Barbed)
- Pipe Cutters
- Pipe Reaming Tool
- Isolation Valves
- Flow and Return Connections & Fixing Kit
- Full System Guarantee
- Comprehensive Installation Manual
This Warm Water underfloor heating system covers up to 24 m² at 300mm C-C (centre to centre). This will produce approx. 70W/m² when used with a tiled floor finish.
By reducing the pipe spacings to 200mm C-C you will increase the floor output to approx. 100W/m², this will however reduce the maximum coverage area to 16m².
Further reducing the pipe spacings to 150mm C-C you will increase the floor output to approx. 140W/m², this will however reduce the maximum coverage area to 12.0m².

This system is supplied with a Grundfoss pump and temperature Control Pack for providing temperature controlled mixed water in single room applications to an underfloor heating system with a heat output up to 3kW.
The Pump and Temperature control unit features & benefits:
- Compact bolt on unit providing quick and simple installation.
- To provide controlled mixed temperature water to underfloor heating systems with a heat output up to 3kW.
- Easy set up within the adjustable range of 30 to 65ºC.
- Controls flow temperature to +/- 2ºC. even with changing boiler flow and return temperatures.
- Fail safe feature.

In rooms with 1 or 2 exterior walls featuring a high percentage of glazing, the pipe spacings should be reduced to counteract the cold fall of air from the glazing. (NOTE: This will reduce the achievable maximum coverage area).

The kit is intended for most rooms such as kitchens, conservatories, bathrooms etc. Full fitting and operating instructions are supplied with each pack. The packs are supplied with pipe fixings suitable for a screed floor, by covering the screed with a tile finish maximum output will be achieved.

To ensure optimum and accurate water temperature control, our systems include a thermostatic valve and temperature sensor. The sensor is installed at the point where the water flows into the floor heating manifold, the desired water temperature is then simply selected on the temperature valve and can be adjusted as required. The valve automatically blends water flowing into the system, with water flowing from the system, to achieve the desired constant temperature, with maximum speed and efficiency.

The system includes shut off valves on the flow and return circuits for simple isolation if required.

Complete kit includes everything required for easy installation of your underfloor heating system
(''complete system'' includes everything from the temperature control unit onwards including a room thermostat)