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Wireless Multi Mode Touch Screen Thermostat - Heatmiser Touch-RF

Wireless Multi Mode Touch Screen Thermostat - Heatmiser Touch-RF

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A Touchscreen Wireless Digital Programmable room thermostat for control of either individual or multiple zones of your floor heating system

Heatmiser Touch-RF is our Multi Mode Touch Screen Wireless Thermostat compatible with the UH8-RF (8 Zone Wiring Centre) and RF Switch (2 Channel Receiver)

When used with the UH8-RF Wireless Wiring Centre, up to 8 zones of radiators or underfloor heating can be controlled. The wireless thermostat can then be desk or wall mounted with range of the receiver (up to 100 meters open space) enabling you to relocate your thermostat.

The Touch-RF can be configured to work as a non programmable thermostat, a programmable thermostat or a heating and hot water combined model where the heating is controlled on a time and temperature basis and the hot water is controlled on time only.

Working in the Office, Watching TV in the Living Room? The Touchscreen Wireless Thermostat series is supplied with a wall mounting plate however you are more likely to make use of the desk stand as it allows you to decide exactly where to place the thermostat.

Our Price:42.75 Including Next Day Delivery
(51.30 Including VAT at 20%)