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Electric Underfloor Heating -- Installation, Design & Planning manuals

Click on any of the links below for detailed information:

Ecofilm Installation Manual (under wood and laminate heating)Ecofilm Installation Manual (under wood and laminate heating)
Ecoflex Loose Cable Installation GuideEcoflex Loose Cable Installation Guide
In Screed Cable Installation GuideIn Screed Cable Installation Guide
Ecofloor Mat Installation GuideEcofloor Mat Installation Guide
Ecomax Professional Insulation Installation GuideEcomax Professional Insulation Installation Guide
TH232 Digital Programmable Thermostat InstructionsTH232 Digital Programmable Thermostat Instructions
ET16W Flexel Touch Floor Sensing Thermostat InstructionsFlexel Touch Floor Sensing Thermostat Brochure - ET16W
ECOMAX-DUO Dual Board Overlay System - Information guideECOMAX-DUO Dual Board Overlay System - Information guide

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